An Emotional Recycle

There are people who struggle with negative thoughts and feelings that hold them back and wear them down; preventing many from achieving all that they can achieve as global citizens touching the lives of others who are in need of inspiration. Angry, depressed and sad, they are so far from living a life of joy. But know this, the past is what it is...THE PAST. However, many ignore the fact that what happened in the past should be let go. They hold on to it with a never-ending replay of one incident to another clogging their minds; hence attracting similar energies to themselves and going deeper into obscurity taking along with them more hurt, pain and suffering. Even when a helping hand comes in form of a stranger, an incident, family and more, they fail to see or recognize the opportunity before them to rise and live again. I do understand it can be easier said than done for it is a spiritual, emotional, psychological, mental evolution that cannot be done overnight.

In my opinion, a way to begin is by owning up to your responsibilities and possible contributions to where you are now. Looking within yourself to see where you may have dropped the ball- that is if you did. Placing all the blame on others and not taking some for yourself will never allow you take the first step to moving forward. Opening up to those who wronged you by telling them how you feel is also a must for you are taking the next step to releasing the hurt and pain. Now the person who wronged you may not accept or care and that is just fine – be prepared for that for you are not doing this for them, you are taking this step for yourself. Be strong, call on a higher power from within and above to see you through. Trust and have faith as you take each step – cry if you must, for it helps release. Call on that friend or family who sees, knows and understands what you are going through for they are your pillar of support. Finally, just …..Breathe. Before you know it, the negative cycle of emotions are gradually recycled into love, light and positivity. There are different ways to overcome the endless cycle of negative thinking and emotion and it is quite a difficult feat. But remember all it requires is deciding to take that first step to turn things around and despite the fear of shame or ridicule, you are on your way to Emotions Recycled!!

In our 12th “Recycle Issue” of ASM, we had the pleasure of interviewing the award winning singing duo Nico and Vinz. They were fun to hang out with as we got to learn about who they are, their journey from being local artists in Norway to being international singing sensations. In addition to getting an insight to who he is, we take a look at the renowned Tanzanian-Ghanaian architect and designer – David Adjaye’s chair collection in AfroDecor. A trip to Mount Kilimanjaro is the focus in this issue’sAfroTravel write up. What is really cool about this travel article is that we get the firsthand look through the eyes of photographer Bastiaan Woudt who took this trip up the mountain. Along with our amazing AfroTraditional, AfroCouture, AfroModa andAfroStreet editorial spreads, we feature fantastic feature editorials from India, Thailandand the United Kingdom. Our feature article speaks to the theme of the issue on the idea of Recyling and its effect within and outside of Africa.

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Amaka N. Onyioha