A Peaceful Revolution

Many of us live lives guided and influenced by our individual cultures, traditions and politics of our countries and socio-economic status. Many of us are frustrated by the difficult pursuit for lasting happiness, love, a fulfilling life and genuine peace of mind. There are those who look to the materialistic, fame and number of possessions that can be attained as a source of an illusion of happiness; in addition to becoming co-dependent on relationships and the acceptance of others irrespective of whether they are the right people to surround themselves with. As we reflect, we ask ourselves what else is there to fill up the empty spaces. What if we open ourselves to a powerful personal growth exploring new wonderful horizons? In doing so, we peacefully rebel against the norm by stepping outside of our comfort zones, challenging and questioning and in turn making a difference within ourselves and in turn inspiring others. Like a domino effect, we make a difference in the world around us. What if we think outside the box by creating a new shift in our usual way of living and thinking; thus, refocusing on what is important in our lives from within in order to find and nurture a lasting, self-sustaining happiness? And what if through this new found way of living and thinking, we are able to change not just ourselves but also the world – one human at a time? We become an example! We become change agents positively affecting all who we come across…We become a Peaceful Revolution!

We thank our iconic and revolutionary guests General Colin Powell, T-Michael Bergen and Anja Loven for the amazing interviews. Our diverse contributors from the Netherlands, Kenya, Tanzania, India, USA South Africa and Germany for their submissions to our 14th edition of AfroStyle Magazine titled Peace Revolution; and we thank our readers for the wonderful support always given to us. It is truly appreciated!

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We hope you enjoy the 14th issue of AfroStyle Magazine.

Amaka N. Onyioha