The Power of Movement, Be the Movement

It all starts with you is a phrase that is said countless times. Yes, it is redundant but it is true. Amongst us are those who gripe about what they have or do not have and may blame others for their concerns. Grievances are expressed, harsh words are exchanged between individuals with different ideologies and thoughts; and at the end of the day the opinions (though rightly made), are just what they are – opinions! The anger about a missed opportunity due to culture, race, age, sexual preference and other factors spill over to those around, which in turn causes tension, disdain and discord as the same feelings are reciprocated. When the day is over, the next day comes and the cycle repeats. What changes were made? The answer is none!

It comes down to you. That opportunity can be created by you. It boils down to taking the necessary steps and movements to change the course of ones’ history; no matter how small. History shows movements have played a strong and powerful role in stimulating cultural evolution and change in just an eye blink of human history. It took a lot of challenges and setbacks but the movement got the result; or came close enough for the next generation of movers to carry the torch. I challenge you (as I continue to challenge myself) to be the movement, even when the odds are against you. When others may ridicule you because they do not understand the reason behind your passion in life, art, fashion, social justice and issues affecting you and the global community at large. No matter how small, keep moving – you never know who may be watching and in turn will step in to change the course of your history and that of the global community for the better.

That’s the Power of Movement… Create your Movement…Be the Movement!

The Movement is the driving force of this issue that features an interview with international music star Annie Lennox and her movement to help in eradicating HIV/AIDS while assisting those living with the disease and virus. I am excited about our very first AfroStyle HomeStyle featuring Peacock Pavilions – a home away from home in Morocco owned by Maryam Montague who is also interviewed and speaks about her organization Project Soar – a movement that rallies and encourages girls to be the best of themselves. Our ASM Video Pick Afripedia is a documentary well worth the watch for it tells the stories of various talented Africans taking apart the preconception of who Africans are and what they stand for in the world of fashion, music, technology, social and economic consciousness on the global scale. I am proud to see some of these movers in this documentary are featured in the new critically acclaimed book titled Africa Rising that also features AfroStyle Magazine – the only fashion magazine featured I might add! Of course, ASM will not be complete without the amazing diverse fashion and artistic spreads from the Philippines, China, USA, South Africa, the Netherlands and India.

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We hope you enjoy the 15th issue of AfroStyle Magazine.

Amaka N. Onyioha