"… the goal is to have all cultures on the runway and represented on the website…"

Taking this event to a global affair was Therez Fleetwood Bridal. Therez is an international designer specializing in wedding gowns that combine exotic with romantic and modern with structure to reveal unique gowns that can only be viewed in her collection. Her wedding gowns are not your run-of-the-mill wedding dresses. The detailed craftsmanship transforms ordinary fabric to Spanish, Egyptian, Asian, or South African inspired gowns. Not only does she create bridal gowns, she creates a replica of the same gown for a designer doll that can be purchased to forever preserve the memory of the exquisite wedding gown. Not to exclude the men from this bridal affair, Levon Bellamy, owner of Express Tuxedo, featured top-notch tuxedos and shoes, including a pair of stylish grey patent leather shoes. After fourteen years of running his family owned and operated business, Levon still exemplified enthusiasm in styling men for their Big Day. As a remarkable conclusion to the BlackBride .com Bridal Showcase, various designers and bridal salons - Alfred Angelo, Bryan K. Osburn, Therez Fleetwood, Anya Bridal, Brides By Demetrios and many others, flaunted their enchanting and uniquely created wedding attire.

"In awe" was the common facial expression of the hour on each woman's face as they gazed at each model effortlessly stroll down the runway. This was a beautiful ending encapsulating everything for the bride-to-be.

"…This was a beautiful ending encapsulating everything for the bride-to-be…"

Although caters to African American women, there were vendors present of different races and nationalities. According to owner Mary Chatman, the goal is to have all cultures on the runway and represented on the website. In addition, her hope is to see the continuous increase in growth of the company's global expansion due to the great amount interests and numerous comments left by people from around the globe on their website and facebook page. "We want to take to Europe, Asia and Africa" she stated. "We are also getting many requests from the Caribbean and would love to have our first show in the Caribbean." Chatman also stated will be on the road with its first stop in Washington, DC.