Is AfroStyle Magazine just for Africans only?
Although AfroStyle Magazine is an African Magazine, it is multicultural that seeks to showcase Africa’s beauty through various avenues particularly through fashion; and aims to include various cultures around the globe by integrating fashion from different parts of the globe with African wears and also through relatable editorials.

How often will AfroStyle be updated for readers to check out?
AfroStyle Magazine is quarterly and therefore will be updated 4 times a year.

How can my designs be featured in AfroStyle Magazine’s photo shoots?
(a) To be featured on a shoot, send photos of your work to Please keep in mind that if you live outside of Southern California, or you are not close in proximity to Los Angeles, California, you maybe required to send sample of your work at your expense if necessary. Please keep in mind that your designs may not be used for a photo shoot.
(b) Be aware that you are sending your items at your own risk. AfroStyle Magazine is not responsible for the safety of your items being sent to or from AfroStyle.

How can my articles/editorials be featured on an issue of AfroStyle Magazine?
(a) Send your articles to
(b) Please be aware that publishing of your article is not a guarantee.

How can a photographer’s work be featured in AfroStyle magazine?
(a) Forward link to work or attach samples of work in an email.
(b) Forward 6-8 photos of a spread in question to for consideration.
(c) Contact the ASM Team via to find out theme and ASM’s vision for upcoming issue for a photo shoot photographer may want to put together.
(d) Please be aware that publishing of photos is not a guarantee.

How can photos of a designer’s collection be featured in ASM’s AfroCouture Spread?
(a) Forward 6-8 photos of collection in question for consideration to
(b) List participants in photoshoots (i.e. Photographer, Designer MUA, Hair and Wardstylists)
(c) Name and season of Collection
(d) Description of each look
(e) Please be aware that publishing of photos is not a guarantee.

**Note: In addition, please read the terms and conditions of AfroStyle Magazine.