The Idea of Ascension

Ascension is the buzzword that represents an extraordinary change in the human experience that few agree in details, time line or events. Some view what happens in the future in a passive way with little or nothing to do but wait to be picked up by aliens (think E.T.) and taken off to a happier place. Others see astounding and dramatic changes causing our consciousness to change so dramatically that we have Godlike mental and spiritual powers, and our very bodies transmute into light.

As world servers we must always remember that each person is on his or her own special path of ascension and will make the journey in their own time and way. We must be empathic to those who are traversing the turbulent valleys of the shadow-lands; however, not get entangled in the ongoing dramas. Our overall circumstances, regardless of cultural backgrounds, were all programmed to give us the best opportunity to face our challenges; to develop our talents and return to a harmonious state of being. We are all part of the evolution of the universe on our way to higher realms of enlightenment. Every one of us will ascend but first we must break old patterns, sever from the consensus reality, and align with Spirit.

Fine words from my mom…… Ngozi Onyioha-Orji!! Here we are on the 7th issue of AfroStyle Magazine, we homage to the protesters around the globe from Syria, Haiti, Libya to Tunisia and Congo with hopes and prayers that the challenges these and other countries face are eliminated giving room to move forward and rise to the good of the peoples in numerous ways. In our AfroFusion fashion spread, we bring together Syria and India to highlight the commonality both countries have in the people's desire to be free and the differences in getting there. In the AfroModa spread, through the language of fashion, we try to depict the hope of the people looking to the horizon with the hope and prayer to break free and live out their lives in peace. We interview Syrian American hip-hop artist Omar Offendum who has become the voice of Syrians and even fellow Africans; as well as renowned Tunisian artist eL Seed-both giving their take on misconceptions about their faith, their countries and hopes for the future. We also interview a man making a difference in the Congo- motivational speaker and fitness master, Tchicaya Missamou. Other features include AfroBeauty: The Dreadlocks, AfroTravel: Cool Hot Spots in Haiti, The Origin of the Pidgin Language and much more. We have our ASM Picks in books, videos and music; and are excited to add our first ASM Must Haves to the lineup!!

We thank all our contributors from wardrobe stylists to makeup artists for their amazing work on all the spreads; and we thank you for taking the time to checkout the magazine. Drop us an email at and let us know how AfroStyle Magazine can be of service to you and the community at large.

Enjoy this issue of AfroStyle Magazine!

Amaka M. Onyioha